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what remote do i need?

Which remote or keypad do I need for my garage door opener or gate receiver?

We’re here to help! Please email us at and one or our expert staff will respond quickly.

If you can send photos of your current remote showing the front and back along with the receiver on your opener that can really help speed up the process. Please email photos to:

Liftmaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Remote Compatibility information link:

What is a LEARN BUTTON and how do I locate it?

  • The LEARN BUTTON , also referred to as the programming button is used to program Remotes, Keyless Entry and other wireless components with the garage door opener
  • The LEARN BUTTON is located near the antenna wire on the receiver (logic board) usually on the back of the opener or under the plastic light cover.
  • The LEARN BUTTON color helps identify the operating frequency for the opener and will assist in determining the correct Remote, Keypad device. The color of your LEARN BUTTON may be Yellow, Purple, Red, Orange/Amber, Green, Blue or Black
  • The LEARN BUTTON is usually square in shape, but sometimes round

Most of the Garage Door Openers and Gate Receviers manufactured by LiftMaster Chamberlain will have a LEARN BUTTON. Liftmaster Chamberlain also manufactures Sears Craftsman, Master Mechanic, Wayne Dalton, True Value, Raynor and others

Programming Video for LiftMaster-Chamberlain MAX RemoteTransmitter 893MAX, 890MAX and 895MAX


-Transmitter must first be put into programming mode w/paper clip Gentle-Push [solid red light]
-Press learn code button on door operator
-Press any button on transmitter
-Press a different button remote, light flashes on door operator, transmitter is now set


Genie / Overhead Door Brand Compatibilty Chart (click to view)

  genie-logo.jpg overhead-door-logo.png


Genie technical support at: 1-800-354-3643 for additional assistance

Genie GM3T-BX remote

Compatible replacement remote for these models also: SP229, SD 2500, RCD 125, RCD 500, PRO95-21C, PRO99-21C, PRO82, PRO8800, PRO098-S, PRO88-S, PMX80, PMX80 Q SS, PMX85, PMX60, PMX65, PMX70, PMX700, PMX75, PMX300-1C, PMX300-ICB, PMX500-1C, PMX500-ICB, PMX1200, PCG400, PCG450, PCG500ML, PCG600, PCG650, PCG700ML, LLD550A, LAD125, LAD333, LAD555, ISD980-2, ISD980-2/B, ISD990-2, ISD950-2, ISD950-2/B, ISD995-2WKGM, ISD1000-2H, ISD1000-2HG, IS900-1, IS900-1/B, IS900-2, IS900-2B, IS920, IS525, IS525-1/B, IS550-1, IS550-1/B, IS550-2/B, IS550-2X, IMS1000, IMS1000-2/B, IDS995-2WKM, IC250-1, H2000C-1, H4000AS-2, H6000A-K, H8000D-2K, GXL9550-2, GXL9550-CL, GXL9900-CL, GXL10000, GXL10000-C1, GXL9500-1, GXL9500-2, GXL9500-CL, GX9000-1, GX9000-CL, GPS700-1C, GPS700, GPS1200-1C, GPS1200, GDR900-2, GCG350L-2, GCG350L-2ML, GCG350L2WK, GCG350L-2WKML, GCG350-2, GCG350-2WK, GCG350L-1, GCG350L-1ML, G5700, G5700-CL, G8000, G8000-CL, G5000-2, G5000-CL, G5050-2, G5050-CL, G4050CL, G2500, CMDD9900-1C, CM8600-IC, CM8500-S, CM80S, CM7600-IC, CM7500-S, CMS60, CMS70, B8QACST, ALC75, ALC85, ALC60, ALC70, ALC80, 12A, GPT90-1, GPT90-3, (ACSCTG, ACSGT, ACSCRTO, ACSCRTO ) TYPES 1, 2 or 3, AT90, CT 90, LD12, CODE DODGER, BLUE MAX, AT 85, AT85P, MAT85, MAT90, AT 95


823LM LiftMaster Remote Light Switch Security+2.0™ & MyQ® technology compatible

The 823LM is compatible with a single pole circuit only. It will not work with a 3-way circuit, fyi. Wiring polarity must be followed per the instructions and the switch must be properly grounded with the green wire.. Give the 823LM at least 10 minutes for initial power up to function properly.